Taste of Sápmi

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Sámi cuisine – Tradition and Innovation into the Future

«Tasting Sápmi is more than just tasting its food. It means enjoying culinary and cultural traditions dating back thousands of years, shaped by rugged highlands, pristine forests and the hearts and hands of Europe’s indigenous people, the Sámi. This book is a tribute to Sámi cuisine, its traditions and its future. This cookbook is unique in that traditional knowledge was previously only passed between generations orally. Alongside historical information and modern personal stories, a combination of traditional and innovative recipes provides a good understanding of the possibilities of Sámi cuisine. Slow Food Sápmi has produced this book, in cooperation with Sámi food projects and food producers from Swedish Sápmi.»

Forfatter: Victoria Harnesk
Oversetter: Siri Kappfjell Päviö (Southern Sámi), Per-Stefan Labba (Northern Sámi), Britt-Inger Tuorda (Lule Sámi), Tanya Henrikson and David Ordoubadian of Accent Language Service (English)
Utgivelsesår: 2015
Språk: Engelsk
Forlag: Slow Food Sápmi
ISBN: 978-91-981636-2-9